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Supportive EDH Lands and Land Staples

Supportive EDH / Commander Lands and Land Staples

Lands are the key to making your EDH deck successful.  In EDH to make a successful deck, lands should not be used just as a mana source.  Lands should be used to support your deck with damage prevention and strategy support for your deck.  For instance in my Rhys the Redeemed deck I use Gavony Township and Oran-Rief, the Vastwood to give my tokens +1/+1 counters. I also use Wirewood Lodge to untap my Commander so I can double my tokens an additional time if I wanted to. I also use Kor Haven in both my Kaalia of the Vast deck and Rhys the Redeemed deck to help protect myself from an opposing General attacking me.  The point being is that to truly make a good EDH deck you should use a variety of lands to assist your deck and your strategy.

Because many supportive lands add colorless mana you need several types of dual lands to make sure the mana base is efficient.

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Top EDH / Commander Multicolored Producing Lands

EDH / Commander Multicolored Producing Lands

In EDH if you are running two or more colors it is important to have lands that produce multiple types of mana for your deck to run smoothly.

If you are playing with a deck with only two colors you can get away with out playing dual lands or fetch lands if you want to save some money but it is still in your best interest to use as many dual and fetch lands as possible. If you look at my Rhys the Redeemed build I avoid using some of these expensive lands in order to save money. My mana is also sufficient because I have so much mana search so I don’t get screwed for having to many and not enough and vice versa.

When you are playing an EDH deck with 3 colors or more it is imperative that you use as many Fetch and Dual lands as possible. This is especially true if you have a low costing commander that you need to get out as fast as possible. In my Kaalia of the Vast deck I try to get my commander out as soon as turn 3 or turn 4 so in order for me to do this I need to have a variety of lands that add or , or , and or .

So what lands can produce that kind of mana?

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Magic 2014 Core Set Rule Changes

Magic 2014 Core Set Rule Changes

2014 Core Set

2014 Core Set

These new rule changes become effective July 13, 2013 during the time of the 2014 Core Set Prerelease. Click here for the full list of rule changes.

The “Legend Rule” change

The new Legend Rule allows opponents to play the same Legendary Creatures as you without having your Legendary Creature die. This new rule could be a big change in some players EDH strategies. My friends often play cards like Clone to kill my Kaalia of the Vast to slow my deck down when playing 1v1. This new rule helps protect players’ EDH Generals from being copied and makes it easier for players to play decks with the same commander.

The “Planeswalker uniqueness rule”

The new Planeswalker rule is very similar to the new legend rule in which your opponents can put out Planeswalkers with the same Planewalker type as one that you control without both of them having to leave play. This rule does make game play easier in a large group. The current Planeswalker rule is annoying when playing with a large group of players using similar Planeswalkers types in their decks.  Currently, Every time you get a chance to play a Planeswalker in a large game the Planeswalker is gone before you know it. This new rule will make Planeswalkers even more playable in EDH decks.

Rhys the Redeemed EDH Deck

Rhys the Redeemed EDH Deck

This Rhys the Reedemed EDH deck is well balanced with mana acceleration, draw, protection from combat damage, and token power. The strategy of this deck is to first mana ramp quickly using cards like Rampant Growth and Kodama’s Reach.  Then I play token creatures using Planeswalkers, Sorcery spells and Enchantments like Elspeth, Knight-Errant and Luminarch Ascension. I then double my tokens using Rhys the Redeemed and power the tokens up using lands like Gavony Township and enchantments like Beastmaster Ascension.

I built this deck for multiplayer use with my friends but it does do very well playing 1v1 as well.

As you can see from the build there is not a large focus on creatures.  My friends play a lot of creature destruction in their decks so I try to play spells that can consistently create tokens. I also have board wipe protection with cards like Spawning Pit and Worldspine Wurm.

The reason I like this deck so much is because it is a powerhouse. You can double your creatures every turn with Seedborn Muse. With Doubling Season, Parallel Lives, and Rings of Brighthearth you can more than Quadruple your token using Rhys the Redeemed’s ability. Now if you are Quadrupling all of these tokens with Cathars’ Crusade on the board you can make several big big creatures in one or two turns. Yes, this deck can sometimes be overkill but that is what makes it fun!

Someone asked earlier about why my deck list does not contain Dual Lands, Fetch Lands, Strip Mine, or Wasteland. To clarify I do not have these cards in my deck as they can easily add up to over $100+.  My mana base has also been sufficient enough where it is not worth it for me to put these lands in my deck especially when I mostly play EDH casually.

Terastodon a Green EDH Staple

Terastodon in your EDH Deck



Let me start off with first stating that I HATE Terastodon. I could not tell you how many times I have had all of my lands destroyed by this card. The fact is Terastodon is a good card in cut throat EDH game play. Personally I do not play it because it is mainly used for destroying lands and for me destroying people’s lands takes the fun out of the game. You can abuse Terastodon by using reanimation, bouncing it back to your hand, or Removing him from play temporarily to bring him back into play.

I do recommend playing Terastodon if you and your group play cut throat as it can be very helpful not only to destroy lands but artifacts and enchantments as well. If you are worried about giving opponents an Elephant army, it is nothing that a board wipe can’t take care of. If you play EDH with a group that just likes to play casually be careful playing Terastodon because it is not fun losing 3 lands as soon as turn four, Trust me.