Top EDH / Commander Multicolored Producing Lands

EDH / Commander Multicolored Producing Lands

In EDH if you are running two or more colors it is important to have lands that produce multiple types of mana for your deck to run smoothly.

If you are playing with a deck with only two colors you can get away with out playing dual lands or fetch lands if you want to save some money but it is still in your best interest to use as many dual and fetch lands as possible. If you look at my Rhys the Redeemed build I avoid using some of these expensive lands in order to save money. My mana is also sufficient because I have so much mana search so I don’t get screwed for having to many and not enough and vice versa.

When you are playing an EDH deck with 3 colors or more it is imperative that you use as many Fetch and Dual lands as possible. This is especially true if you have a low costing commander that you need to get out as fast as possible. In my Kaalia of the Vast deck I try to get my commander out as soon as turn 3 or turn 4 so in order for me to do this I need to have a variety of lands that add or , or , and or .

So what lands can produce that kind of mana?

#1 Command Tower

Command Tower

Command Tower

Command Tower is universal and it should be in every commander deck excluding mono colored decks. Yes, it does not have basic land types so its harder to search for but it can produce any color mana you need and it doesn’t even come into play tapped.

#2 Alpha Dual Lands



Alpha Dual Lands are the first and best dual lands. They share the basic type but are not considered basic lands. The best part about them is there really is no drawbacks, well except the fact they will cost you an arm and a leg.

Here is the list of Dual Lands

#3 Fetch Lands

Bloodstained Mire

Bloodstained Mire

Fetch lands are great because they filter lands out of your deck so you have a better chance to draw a nonland card when you are further into the game. Also these lands are great because you can search for a Dual Land with the same land type and it doesn’t even come into play tapped all for a small lose of 1 life.  These lands will also cost you a pretty penny but may be well worth it.

List of Fetch Lands

#4 Shock Lands

Blood Crypt

Blood Crypt

Shock Lands are a much cheaper alternative to the Alpha Dual lands. Same idea Alpha Dual lands they still have basic land types.  The only draw back of shock lands is that you have to pay 2 life the first turn you put it out if you want to play the land.  In standard play 2 life would be a bigger deal but and EDH it does not make a big impact on your life.

Here is the list of Shock Lands

#5 Filter Lands from Eventide and Shadowmoor

Graven Cairns

Graven Cairns

These Filter lands are good because they can be flexible if you need two of the same colored lands. If you only have a swamp out with Gravern Carns you could pay to play Sign in Blood or you could pay to cash Ash Zealot. These filter lands have a few draw backs one being that they are not very good if you do not have the mana to pay the mana cost for its ability.  They also do not have a basic land type making them harder to search for.

Here is the list of Filter Lands from Eventide and Shadowmoor

#6 2010 and Innistrad Taplands

Dragonskull Sumit

Dragonskull Sumit

The Innistrad Taplands are a step above regular taplands like Gatelands but a step below shock lands.  These lands are great because by the time they become useful when you need a land to put something out you already have the land types necessary so it doesn’t come into play tapped. The draw back of these lands is if you need it to play something first turn you wont be able to because it will come into play tapped. Another drawback is these lands do not have basic land types so they are harder to search for.

Here is the list of 2010 and Innistrad Taplands:

Cheaper Land alternatives

Filter Lands:

Darkwater CatacombsMossfire ValleyShadowblood RidgeSkycloud ExpanseSungrass Prairie

Pain Lands:

Adarkar WastesBrushlandKarplusan ForestSulfurous SpringsUnderground RiverBattlefield Forge, Caves of KoilosLlanowar WastesShivan ReefYavimaya Coast

Now that you have looked at some of the better multi colored producing lands, check out the supportive lands that will produce mana and help your deck strategy.

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