EDH Commander vs Standard Format

Welcome to MTGJunkie.com, As I mentioned on the homepage there are several differences between EDH commander vs Standard Format.

The most obvious difference of the formats is the rules. EDH rules change the game play entirely, making the game longer, forcing you to play with more cards, and I truly much more strategy is involved.  The EDH Format makes game play much more enjoyable Vs. playing Standard format because in Standard format is usually all about speed and how fast you can do 20 damage. Magic the Gathering’s EDH format makes it a lot harder to pull off turn 4 or even turn 5 wins.  The game last longer not just because of the fact that you start with 40 life vs 20 life but because you have a lot more different cards to deal with and you can do multiples of the same cards to rely on 3 or 4 card game winning combos.

Since EDH games are longer you can play more cards that you would never dream of playing in standard.  This is because in Standard many cards are counted out because they are too slow due to high mana costs.  Commander format is the best way to play MTG multi-player and it is still just as fun playing 1 vs. 1 as well.

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