EDH Staples

When building your EDH deck you will find that some of these EDH staples will help your decks strategy.  These EDH Staples are more like suggestions.  When building your EDH deck you should consider some of these EDH staples as well as checking out other deck builds for your Commander, and search for abilities that go well with your Commander at http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Default.aspx.    If you have any suggestions about these EDH staples or see any cards I may have missed please let me know in the comment section or email me at tcwitherell@gmail.com


EDH Staples by Color

Colorless White Blue Black Red Green Multi-Colored

Colorless / Artifact EDH Staples


White EDH Staples:


Blue EDH Staples:

Black EDH Staples:


Red EDH Staples:



Green EDH Staples:


Multicolor EDH Staples:


White / Blue EDH Staples:

White / Black EDH Staples:

Blue / Black EDH Staples:

Red / Blue EDH Staples:

Red / Black Staple:

Black / Green EDH Staple:

Red / Green Staple:

Red / White EDH Staple:

Green / White EDH Staples:

Blue / Green EDH Staples:

6 thoughts on “EDH Staples

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  2. Zachary

    I feel that you are not looking at some of the better cards for the mono colored commanders and staples. Also some of the artifacts you decided to say were staples they are not real staples for a competitive player. you are also missing the planeswalkers. I really like the idea of your website. I’ve built a website like this but you have spend SO much time making yours.


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