Terastodon a Green EDH Staple

Terastodon in your EDH Deck



Let me start off with first stating that I HATE Terastodon. I could not tell you how many times I have had all of my lands destroyed by this card. The fact is Terastodon is a good card in cut throat EDH game play. Personally I do not play it because it is mainly used for destroying lands and for me destroying people’s lands takes the fun out of the game. You can abuse Terastodon by using reanimation, bouncing it back to your hand, or Removing him from play temporarily to bring him back into play.

I do recommend playing Terastodon if you and your group play cut throat as it can be very helpful not only to destroy lands but artifacts and enchantments as well. If you are worried about giving opponents an Elephant army, it is nothing that a board wipe can’t take care of. If you play EDH with a group that just likes to play casually be careful playing Terastodon because it is not fun losing 3 lands as soon as turn four, Trust me.

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